Why should I choose this event over so many other clinics?
The 2024 SIG Soccer Accelerator is unlike any other soccer training event in the world. The coaches on our staff have experience at the highest levels of professional soccer in the U.S. and Europe. Only this clinic offers a ratio of just 80 players to 8 coaches, and provides a personal evaluation from pro coaches. Only this clinic includes 6 months of continuing virtual education and personalized instruction in key areas like sports financial literacy, biohacking for advantage, and set-piece strategy.

I want to attend, how do I apply?
Players are not able to apply for the SIG Soccer Accelerator on their own. You need your current Head Coach to submit a recommendation on your behalf. Once a formal recommendation is received, we will send you the SIG Soccer Accelerator Player Application.

How does my coach recommend me?
Coaches need to email ExecDirector@SportImpactGroup.com and request the Player Recommendation form. You can also email Info@SportImpactGroup.com with any questions.

Am I guaranteed a tryout with a professional club after the event?
We can’t say for sure that any participant will get a tryout with any particular club or team. We can guarantee, however, that you will be trained by some of the best coaches in the world, and that if you show well and they have a need with their team or club, the possibilities are endless.

What should I bring?
Please bring several changes of clean, solid-color shorts and t-shirts, socks, turf cleats, trainers, sandals, shin guards, water bottle, and kit bag. Phones will be left in the kit bag except during breaks. The fields we will be training on are a rubberized sports turf field.

How will training groups be arranged?
Training groups and small-sided teams will mostly be arranged according by position. Groups will be balanced with defending and attacking players to ensure competitive play and competition throughout.

Will I be with the same coach the entire time?
No. Each participant will be trained by every coach on the staff for their gender as well as some crossover with all other coaches. One of our main objectives is to give each player access to evaluation and instruction by as many of our coaches as possible. Coaches will know your name by the end of the event.

Will medical care be available?
Professional medical staff will be on hand at all times, with a defibrillator available. The medical information provided about a participant will be on-hand and available to those professionals at all times. Our procedure is to contact parents/guardians immediately in the event any medical care is indicated. Even if we can’t immediately reach a parent/guardian, we will have obtained your prior permission to authorize any necessary, emergency medical care.

What if a parent/guardian needs to contact a participant?
Each group of 10 participants will have an assigned Group Concierge, who will have a dedicated phone number. Contact information for this adult will be provided prior to the event.

Can dietary restrictions be accommodated?
Yes, as long as we know about them before June 1, 2024. We cannot guarantee accommodations for players with life-threatening food allergies, which must be disclosed in required paperwork.

Can you help my son/daughter with their medications?
No, we cannot store, handle or dispense any medication.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Email info@sportimpactgroup.com with any additional questions.