We are Sport + Impact Group

Sport + Impact Group (SIG) explores how pro soccer teams can positively affect their communities and how communities can support their teams.


Our core values include 

Sustainability, as it describes the health and growth of players and teams

Innovation, in sports technology and business development

Genius, in discovering and supporting future leaders on and off the playing field 


We are open to collaboration with all teams and leagues; as we represent the interests of players, communities, and fans.


We are dedicated to scaling through sharing our models and assets with other cities that want to maximize their investment in pro sports teams.

We are the MVP of your MVP.

Our larger vision keys on merging innovation in Kentucky’s key business sectors with our professional and semi-professional women’s soccer teams, to the benefit of all.


For example, there are a number of sports technology breakthroughs that could have additional applications in other parts of healthcare. 


We consider Kentucky the perfect place to invent, develop, break and refine new products and services, without the steep cost associated with traditional development centers on both coasts, like Silicon Valley.


Come to Louisville and SIG will be the Most Valuable Player for your Minimum Viable Product.

A Global Legacy

We see Muhammad Ali as the original athlete influencer. Ali was the first athlete to build a global reach through hard-won sport achievements, and then leverage that reach to change the world for the better.


He was born and raised in Louisville.


Kentucky can rightly claim a heritage of leadership in developing the positive values that can ripple from professional sports outward into the larger community.


We guide today’s athletes as they uncover unique impact opportunities, and teach them how to drive that impact into legacy.

2024 SIG Soccer Accelerator

We start with the athletes.

The SIG Soccer Accelerator ensures that Kentucky’s elite high school athletes are prepared to take full advantage of the fast-growing women’s professional soccer market. 


By providing a high-impact in person training experience, paired with on going financial literacy and business education our athletes understand the role they play in larger Economy of Sport. 


Our 2024 Cohort is launching in Fall 2024. 

Stay tuned for more details!